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Firefighters contain London industrial bakery blaze

Firefighters have brought a blaze at an industrial bakery in London under control after battling the fire for several hours to prevent it from spreading to nearby factories.

No injuries were reported, but the front of the single-storey industrial unit in Tottenham partially collapsed.

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Firefighters expected to battle blaze throughout night

A plume of smoke rises from the area. Credit: Francois Herisse/PA

Firefighters are expected to battle a blaze engulfing an industrial bakery throughout the night to prevent it spreading to neighbouring factory units.

Fuel sources, including a 2,000-litre diesel tank, have been isolated, the London Fire Brigade said, and firefighters are using jets to prevent the blaze spreading.

Images released on social media show smoke billowing out from the blaze in West Mews. Nobody has been injured.

Firefighters are expected to stay at the site overnight. Credit: London Ambulance HART/PA Wire

Crews were confronted with a large fire when they arrived and are now working hard to confine it to the bakery and stop it from spreading to any neighbouring factory units.

There is some fuel stored on site but crews have isolated the supply and it is not involved in the fire.

– Station Manager Charles Hanks

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