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Cameron: £9m pro-EU campaign is 'money well spent'

David Cameron has said he will "make no apology" for spending more than £9 million of taxpayers' money on pro-EU campaign, which includes sending a leaflet to 27 million homes as a cost of £6.4m.

Mr Cameron said the cash was "money well spent" during a question and answer session with students at Exeter university today.

Boris Johnson said it was "crazy" to use so much taxpayers' money on a "very biased and hysterical" campaign about the risks of leaving the EU.

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Government 'didn't break pledge on EU leaflet campaign'

The defence secretary and pro-Europe minister Michael Fallon today said the government was entitled to put out an anti-Brexit leaflet despite promising not to do so because the campaign has not yet officially started.

Foreign secretary Philip Hammond had previously pledged that there would not be a national government leaflet drive in the run-up to a national referendum.

Mr Fallon today said that promise had not been broken as the official campaigns have not yet kicked off.

"The leave campaign will also be entitled to a similar amount of taxpayers' money to put out their leaflet once the campaign gets going so there will be information from both sides," he told Good Morning Britain.

The government is not neutral, let me be very clear about that.

This government, the democratically elected government and cabinet, has taken a decision that on balance we would be better off, safer and stronger, inside a reformed European Union.

And therefore we are entitled to put our case out.

– Michael Fallon

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