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Cameron: £9m pro-EU campaign is 'money well spent'

David Cameron has said he will "make no apology" for spending more than £9 million of taxpayers' money on pro-EU campaign, which includes sending a leaflet to 27 million homes as a cost of £6.4m.

Mr Cameron said the cash was "money well spent" during a question and answer session with students at Exeter university today.

Boris Johnson said it was "crazy" to use so much taxpayers' money on a "very biased and hysterical" campaign about the risks of leaving the EU.

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Labour MP: Brexit leaflet 'meant to distract from tax row'

No 10 says Mr Cameron does not and will not benefit from offshore funds Credit: PA

An anti-EU MP has said the publication of a national leaflet warning against Brexit is a tactic to distract attention away from Mr Cameron's personal tax affairs after he was dragged into the Panama Papers offshore scandal.

Labour's Graham Stringer suggested the announcement may have been timed to distract scrutiny from the prime minister after it emerged that Mr Cameron's father had set up offshore assets.

No 10 says Cameron does not benefit from offshore funds, but he is facing pressure to give more details of his assets.

"He hasn't answered the questions about his historical income and whether that has come from tax havens or not," Mr Stringer told BBC Radio 4's Today programme.

"He needs to answer that question and it's clearly very uncomfortable for him and this diverts attention."

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said it was a low tactic to make the suggestion in a rebuttal of the claims.

"How could it be a diversion? This is a leaflet that has been weeks in preparation," he said.

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