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EU referendum campaign officially begins

The EU referendum campaign has officially begun - 10 weeks before Britain decides whether or not to leave the union.

The referendum will be held on June 23.

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Vote Leave unveils first billboard of referendum campaign

The first Vote Leave billboard of the referendum campaign has been unveiled in Manchester.

Credit: Vote Leave

The advert by Vote Leave - named as the official pro-exit campaign - suggests that should Britain vote itself out of the EU, the country's purported £350 million-a-week payment could be better spent on the NHS.

Other sources have disputed this figure, as it does not take account of the UK's agreed rebate.

Vote Leave board member Graham Stringer said the UK could better spend its budget on home-based priorities.

Our NHS is struggling to cope with rising demand and needs the support that is currently siphoned off to Brussels.

If we take back control of our borders, democracy and economy on on 23 June we can ensure that the UK and our health service prospers for this and future generations.

– Graham Stringer, Vote Leave

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