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Brazil congress votes for President impeachment

Brazil's president Dilma Rousseff has suffered a devastating blow after the Chamber of Deputies voted to open impeachment proceedings against her.

The minimum mark - 342 of 513 MPs - was passed in favour of impeachment, meaning proceedings will now move to the Senate. The date of the Senate vote is not known, but it is widely expected by the middle of next month.

The Government has vowed to continue its fight to the next stage.

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Brazil impeachment: Government concedes defeat

The government vowed to take the fight to the Senate Credit: Reuters

Brazil's ruling Workers' Party has conceded defeat in the vote over whether to impeach President Dilma Rousseff.

With 400 votes cast so far on Sunday in the lower house, 297 congressmen have voted in favour of impeaching Rousseff over claims she covered up a financial scandal.

While admitting defeat, the government has vowed to take its fight to the next stage in the Senate.

The party's leader in the chamber, Jose Guimaraes, said: "The fight continues now in the Senate".

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