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Obama urges young voters to 'reject cynicism and xenophobia'

US President Barack Obama urged young people not to "pull back" from the world and to reject cynicism and xenophobia during a Q&A in London.

Obama's comments came after he faced criticism from leading Brexit campaigners, who branded him an irrelevant "lame duck", over a speech he made supporting the UK's membership of the EU.

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Boris Johnson says US is 'hypocritical' to urge EU in vote

Boris Johnson has said it is "perverse" and "hypocritical" for the US to urge Britain to stay in the EU when it would never agree to cede power to a similar bloc.

The London Mayor said: "It is very odd, it is perverse, it is hypocritical."

He said that president Barack Obama "has a perfect right" to speak out but suggested he may not understand the nature of the EU.

I think what perhaps our friends in the America don't appreciate is that the EU has really changed in the last 43 years, it has become something else and it's something to which the Americans would never submit their own democracy.

It is very odd, it is perverse, it is hypocritical.

– Boris Johnson

Mr Johnson also denied that he was looking isolated in his pro-Brexit stance.

He suggested the government was "ringing round every other friendly country" in order to drum up a public show of support for their membership.

"They are saying look we're in a bit of a spot, can you say something positive about our membership of the European Union?" he added.

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