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Pressure on Corbyn despite better than predicted Labour results in England

Labour suffered losses in English council elections, but the initial results were not as bad as many had expected.

The party also held on to two safe seats in Westminster by-elections, but frustrations with Jeremy Corbyn's leadership still bubbled to the surface.

Millions turned out to vote in a series of elections across the UK in what was dubbed "Super Thursday".

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Jeremy Corbyn: Labour 'hung on' amid 'growing support'

Labour "hung on" and "grew support" in council elections across England in the face of poor predictions, leader Jeremy Corbyn said during a visit to Sheffield.

He admitted there was "a lot of building to do" in Scotland following dire results in the Holyrood elections.

Mr Corbyn insisted he would continue as Labour leader: "I'm carrying on. Don't worry about that. I'm carrying on. I'm fine. I'm very happy."

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