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Pressure on Corbyn despite better than predicted Labour results in England

Labour suffered losses in English council elections, but the initial results were not as bad as many had expected.

The party also held on to two safe seats in Westminster by-elections, but frustrations with Jeremy Corbyn's leadership still bubbled to the surface.

Millions turned out to vote in a series of elections across the UK in what was dubbed "Super Thursday".

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Livingstone blames 'divisive Labour MPs' for party's losses

Livingstone said it was 'far right' Labour MPs stoking division that had been cost the party seats Credit: PA

Ken Livingstone has denied his comments about Adolf Hitler and Zionism, which plunged the Labour party into a row over alleged anti-semitism just days ahead of the elections, had been detrimental to Labour's poll results.

Speaking on Sky News, the former London Mayor said it was "far right" Labour MPs stoking division in the party that had been cost the party seats.

He later told the BBC that the "anti-Semitism nonsense" had effected the elections, including Sadiq Khan's campaign to become mayor of London.

He said: "I think it's definitely been damaging and I say to those Labour MPs that made this into a great issue and demanded my suspension, you have cost us seats all over the country."

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