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Fuel warning to bank holiday drivers amid French protests

British travellers have been advised to fill up with petrol or diesel in the UK before holidaying on the continent across the bank holiday weekend after strike action in France led to fuel shortages.

The dispute over labour reforms has led to blockades in French towns, cities, on motorways and bridges, as well as disruption of the nation's rail and air travel.

At least 77 people were arrested in violent clashes between protesters and police in Paris and other cities during Thursday's nationwide day of industrial action.

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Smoke bombs in fountains as workers storm French port

French dock workers have stormed the port city of Le Havre and thrown smoke bombs into fountains, the Associated Press has reported.

The trouble comes amid widespread strike action over the country's controversial reforms to labour laws.

The unions are involved in a stand-off with the government over reforms which will make it easier for firms to hire and fire employees.

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