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Coastguard rescues 20 people from inflatable boat in English Channel

Twenty people, including 18 Albanians, were rescued from the English Channel in the early hours of Sunday after the inflatable boat they were in started taking on water.

The two other people on the boat are British, the Home Office has confirmed.

Among those rescued from rigid-hulled inflatable boat were a woman and two children, the Home Office said.

All were taken to Dover and where they were questioned by Border Force officers.

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UK is 'woefully unprepared' in dealing with migrant crisis

The UK is "woefully unprepared" and "woefully ill-equipped" to deal with people smugglers, according to a border security expert.

Speaking to Good Morning Britain, Chris Hobbs, a former Special Branch officer, said "the Home office [is] playing catch-up" in dealing with the migrant coastal threat.

"Only now is the government is springing into any sort of action, and you have to question why... they really should have been well-prepared for something like this".

The border security expert also raised concern the threat posed by migrants crossing the English Channel could involve more than people smuggling.

"It's a question of firearms, it's a question of drugs", with the police marine units guarding the coastline "under threat because of cutbacks. It's not a pretty picture along our coastline."

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