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Leave and Remain go head to head in EU referendum debate

Members of the 'Remain' and 'Leave' camps have clashed in the ITV Referendum Debate, with accusations of lying and scaremongering thrown back and forth ahead of the vote in two weeks time.

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon, Angela Eagle and Amber Rudd appeared on behalf of Vote Remain. Former London Mayor Boris Johnson, Andrea Leadsom and Gisela Stuart represented Vote Leave.

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Fact check: 'EU membership costs Britain £350 million a week'

A vote in favour of Brexit would save Britain £350 million a week currently sent to the EU that might otherwise be spent elsewhere - such as the NHS - according to former London Mayor Boris Johnson and Labour MP Gisela Stuart.

The UK pays around £250 million a week to the EU, not £350 million, according to fact-checking organisation Full Fact, working alongside ITV News.

It would be £350 million a week if it weren’t for the rebate, or discount, on what the UK has to pay.

The EU also spends some of the money we pay in - around £85 million a week - in the UK.

All sides agree that the economic impact of leaving the EU - good or bad - are far greater than the amount saved on the membership fee.

Below is a breakdown of Britain's yearly EU membership fee

Credit: Full Fact

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