Farage hits back at Welby 'legitimising racism' comments

Nigel Farage has hit back at claims made by the Archbishop of Canterbury that he is 'legitimising racism'.

Giving evidence to the Commons Home Affairs Committee, Mr Welby was responding to comments by the Ukip leader that remaining in the EU could lead to sex attacks such as those seen in Cologne on New Year's Eve.

Speaking at a Buzzfeed/Facebook town hall event where he was taking questions from social media users, Mr Farage said: "I was asked the question 'Is the nuclear bomb in this campaign the mass sex attacks on New Years Eve in Cologne?'

"I said this could be the nuclear bomb, it is an issue. End of it. Didn't say any more. I didn't mention sex attacks, didn't mention rape, didn't mention any of those things that were in the title - and that were sadly latched onto by this troublesome priest that we have in Canterbury."