Labour MP John Mann says he will vote to leave EU

Labour MP John Mann has said he will be voting to leave the EU. Credit: Nick Ansell / PA Archive

Labour MP John Mann has said he will be voting against the stance of his leader Jeremy Corbyn to leave the European Union.

In an open letter in The Sun, Mr Mann said he believed the EU was "fundamentally broken".

He added that it was "not sustainable to have 300,000 new people added to the population every year".

The MP for Bassetlaw claimed immigration had "created two kinds of people in this country: the people who gain from this and the people who lose out."

The reason I’ve concluded that we have to come out is it’s impossible to change the EU from the inside.

David Cameron couldn’t even get agreement on child benefit being stopped for people here with children abroad. Even something as absurd as that cannot be changed because EU structures won’t allow it.

People want control over their own lives. They don’t want people at a distance controlling their lives anymore.

– John Mann MP