French police murder 'accomplices' under investigation

Police at the scene of the stabbing in a Paris suburb Credit: Reuters

Two suspected accomplices in the killing of two French officers are to be officially investigated for membership of a terrorist organisation, authorities have said.

The men are said to be linked to Larossi Abbala, 25, who allegedly stabbed to death a French police commander outside his home in Paris in an attack during which he reportedly pledged allegiance to Islamic State.

The commander's partner, who was also a member of the police, was also found dead after the attack.

The prosecutor's office said the two suspected accomplices, named as Charaf-Din Aberouz and Saad Rajraji, would be brought before a court as part of an investigation into the deaths.

The magistrate's office said the case would focus on charges of assassination, sequestration and participation in a terrorist project.