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Tim Peake: Being back on Earth is like 'world's worst hangover'

British astronaut Tim Peake has said adjusting to life back on Earth is like having the "world's worst hangover".

Major Peake said he felt "pretty terrible" and had suffered with vertigo and dizziness since he returned from the International Space Station.

He added he was beginning to feel better as time passed but said he missed the view from ISS.

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Major Peake faces a bumpy welcome ceremony

Major Tim Peake may have enjoyed a textbook return to earth but he may face a bumpy landing at the traditional welcome ceremony in Kazakhstan, reports ITV News producer Patrick Russell.

The British astronaut and his two colleagues are due to arrive on the windy runway in Karaganda in two hours for an event which will see the trio given gifts of bread and salt and a traditional Kazakh hat.

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