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Live updates: Final day of campaigning before EU vote

With one day to go before a historic vote on Britain's future inside the EU, rival campaigners have been criss-crossing the country in a final push for votes.

Latest developments:

  • David Cameron vowed to stay on as prime minister upon Brexit
  • Boris Johnson said the UK was on the verge of something "extraordinary"
  • Michael Gove told ITV News he was sorry for comparing pro-EU experts to Nazis
  • Ex-PM Sir John Major called Leave campaigners the "grave diggers of our prosperity"
  • Nigel Farage said Ukip had changed politics as he predicted a win for the leave campaign
  • Over 1,000 business leaders said a vote to leave would mean fewer jobs
  • The Italian prime minister urged British voters not to make the "wrong choice" to leave
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Boris Johnson: UK cannot renegotiate EU position

Hopes of renegotiation of the UK's place in the European Union is an "absolute illusion", Boris Johnson has said.

The only way for the UK to have any control over its "borders, immigration arrangements, and democracy" is for it to leave the EU, the former London mayor said.

The Vote Leave campaigner also hit out at European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker's claim that "out is out" if Britain votes for Brexit, and that the "Brussels bureaucrat" had "absolutely no intention of allowing this country [UK] to have any further change in its arrangements and obligations to the EU". This he said, left voters with no option but to "vote leave".

Mr Johnson made his comments on the final day of campaigning as he toured the country on behalf of Vote Leave.

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