Tony Blair: 'Don't rule out a second EU referendum'

Mr Blair said that the government should not rush any decisions Credit: PA

Tony Blair has said that Britain could yet hold a second EU referendum as he said the option should not be ruled out.

The former Labour prime minister said he could not currently imagine a second vote playing out but said parliament will want to look at all options as it grapples with the fallout from the narrowly-won vote to leave the bloc.

As I'm looking at it here, I can't see how we can do that.

But, you know, the point is, why rule anything out right now?

– Tony Blair

Mr also warned that negotiating the UK's new relationship with the EU will be an "agonising and highly complicated process".

"It is not in the interests of Europe or of Britain to rush this," he said.

"We are dealing with vast consequences for our economy, for our politics, for our security and we have got to take it very carefully."