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Live updates: Labour leadership crisis

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  • Deputy leader Tom Watson is expected to hold talks with trade unions to try to get them to withdraw support for Jeremy Corbyn
  • Angela Eagle warned Mr Corbyn she will 'resolve' the crisis if he 'doesn't take action'
  • Unite leader Len McCluskey said the 'coup' against Mr Corbyn has failed
  • Mr Corbyn has been under pressure to quit since nearly his entire shadow cabinet resigned
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Alan Johnson: Corbyn's office worked against rest of party

Alan Johnson, leader of the Labour In campaign Credit: PA

Labour Party veteran Alan Johnson, leader of the Labour In campaign in the run-up to Friday's historic EU referendum, has attacked Jeremy Corbyn's office, claiming it was "working against the rest of the Party" at times.

His email attack Alan on Corbyn's role in the referendum campaign comes as dozens of the party's MPs have resigned from their positions in a protest against the leader.

The referendum result was a huge blow. The turmoil and uncertainty it has unleashed will I fear affect our country for many years.

As Chair of ‘Labour In For Britain’ I take my share of responsibility for the way the Labour campaign was run. I couldn’t have wished for a better Head of the campaign than Brian Duggan; and our Labour Party staff and activists, from Iain McNicol to our Regional staff and CLPs, were magnificent. They cannot be blamed for the outcome and should be very proud of the work they did.

Everyone else needs to make their own assessment as to whether more could have been done to prevent this disastrous result. I will certainly do this, as I hope will the Leader’s Office. At times it felt as if they were working against the rest of the Party and had conflicting objectives.

I was proud to work with some great people who tried their very best to get the result we all wanted. Nobody in the Leadership had the right to undermine their efforts.

– Alan Johnson

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