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Live updates: Labour leadership crisis

Latest developments:

  • Deputy leader Tom Watson is expected to hold talks with trade unions to try to get them to withdraw support for Jeremy Corbyn
  • Angela Eagle warned Mr Corbyn she will 'resolve' the crisis if he 'doesn't take action'
  • Unite leader Len McCluskey said the 'coup' against Mr Corbyn has failed
  • Mr Corbyn has been under pressure to quit since nearly his entire shadow cabinet resigned
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MPs 'may form a new party' if Corbyn stays

A Labour MEP has warned that the party could split if Mr Corbyn does not step down.

Mary Honeyball, who is MEP for the Labour Party in London, said: "Jeremy Corbyn's corrosive leadership has brought the Labour Party close to the edge, and tragically the party I know and love is now in imminent danger of imploding all together."

In an article in the New Statesman, she added: "There is a real possibility of Corbyn getting on the ballot paper and being re-elected. At that stage 200 MPs may form a new party.

"And if need be I will join them."

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