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Theresa May gains strong support from Conservative MPs

Theresa May has won the backing of four times as many MPs as any other candidate for the Conservative Party leadership, a survey by ITV News shows.

Of 139 MPs who have spoken to ITV News, 82 said they would be supporting the Home Secretary.

Earlier, Michael Gove declared himself "the candidate for change" as he set out his pitch to become Conservative leader and prime minister.

Gove said after last week's referendum vote for Brexit, the new prime minister must be someone who fought on the Leave side - effectively ruling out Mrs May, who was part of the Remain campaign, even though her contributions to it were notably low-key.

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Michael Gove 'did not tell Boris of his leadership plans'

Michael Gove did not tell Boris Johnson of his intention to run as a candidate for the Conservative Party leadership, according to ITV News Deputy Political Editor Chris Ship.

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