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Live updates: Labour leadership crisis

Latest developments:

  • Deputy leader Tom Watson is expected to hold talks with trade unions to try to get them to withdraw support for Jeremy Corbyn
  • Angela Eagle warned Mr Corbyn she will 'resolve' the crisis if he 'doesn't take action'
  • Unite leader Len McCluskey said the 'coup' against Mr Corbyn has failed
  • Mr Corbyn has been under pressure to quit since nearly his entire shadow cabinet resigned
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McDonnell: Corbyn will stay as leader despite challenge

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell told Labour MPs to 'calm down'. Credit: Rick Findler / PA Wire

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell has said Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is likely to face a leadership challenge in "the next few days" but he will survive it.

Mr McDonnell appealed to the party's MPs to "calm down" and settle Labour's differences through a democratic process.

Answering questions following a speech in London he said Mr Corbyn is "staying as the leader of the Labour Party" and if there was a contest he could win.

He added that it was "really disappointing" that frontbenchers had quit at a time when the country needed stability.

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