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Bangladesh mourns Dhaka restaurant attack victims

Bangladesh has begun two days of mourning for 20 people, mostly foreigners, who were killed when militants attacked a popular restaurant in the capital Dhaka.

During the attack, which has been claimed by the so-called Islamic State militant group, seven gunmen took a number of hostages, and reportedly tortured and killed those who could not recite verses from the Qu'ran.

Thirteen hostages were saved after police launched a rescue operation.

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Police had tried to arrest five of cafe gunmen before attack

Tributes are left to the victims of the attack. Credit: Reuters

Authorities in Bangladesh had previously tried to arrest five of the gunmen involved in the Dhaka cafe attack.

Deputy Inspector General of Police Shahidur Rahman said that the attackers were mostly educated and from well-off families.

The 12 hour siege ended with police killing six of the gunmen. A seventh man was arrested, but authorities said that he is only a suspect and they are not sure of his role in the attack.

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