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Juno spacecraft successfully enters orbit around Jupiter

NASA's Juno spacecraft has successfully entered Jupiter's orbit after completing its five-year, 1.4 billion mile journey from Earth.

The probe will investigate how much oxygen and water the planet holds, and will look beneath the planet's clouds to discover what lies in its core.

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Juno probe successfully enters orbit around Jupiter

The solar-powered space probe Juno has entered orbit around Jupiter to explore the giant planet, Nasa said.

The spacecraft, named after the Roman goddess, successfully completed a manoeuvre that saw it fire a rocket to slow its 150,000 mph (250,000 kph) approach to the gas giant.

Cheers and applause erupted in NASA's mission control in California when a signal arrived confirming the burn was complete.

However it will be some time before Juno begins beaming data and images back to Earth, as the spacecraft's camera and other instruments were switched off for arrival.

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