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Juno spacecraft successfully enters orbit around Jupiter

NASA's Juno spacecraft has successfully entered Jupiter's orbit after completing its five-year, 1.4 billion mile journey from Earth.

The probe will investigate how much oxygen and water the planet holds, and will look beneath the planet's clouds to discover what lies in its core.

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Juno probe begins final stage of journey to Jupiter

The Juno space probe has begun the final stage of its five-year, 1.4 billion-mile journey to Jupiter from Earth as scientists attempt to guide the spacecraft into orbit.

The automated procedure began in the early hours of Tuesday before a "giant" burn of its rocket initiated at around 4.18am to slow its approach speed from 150,000 mph (250,000 kph).

There was applause as mission control teams from Nasa's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) at the California Institute of Technology and Lockheed Martin in Denver received data that suggested the rocket had ignited as planned.

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