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Live updates: Fallout from Chilcot Inquiry

  • Tony Blair's reputation lies in tatters in the wake of the report into the Iraq War
  • Sir John Chilcot's inquiry said the six-year conflict was unnecessary and disastrous
  • The ex-prime minister was accused of exaggerating the threat posed by Saddam Hussein
  • A memo also revealed that Blair promised George W Bush: 'I will be with you, whatever'
  • An emotional Blair defended the war, saying he would make same decision again
  • Families of some of the 179 military personnel killed in described Blair as a "terrorist"
  • Jeremy Corbyn apologised on behalf of Labour, calling the war a "stain on our party"
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Tony Blair: I had to consider possibility of 9/11 in UK

Tony Blair has said that "there was no rush to war", but he had to take into account at least "the possibility of a 9/11 here, in Britain".

He said as prime minister his primary response was to protect his country, and asked people to put themselves in his shoes.

Her added he had made it clear publicly and privately that the UK would stand with the US on the issue of the Iraq War.

But he insists his note to George Bush saying: "I will be with you, whatever" meant he would "be with the USA in dealing with this issue".

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