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Live updates: David Cameron prepares to leave Downing Street

David Cameron has held his final cabinet meeting as prime minister.

Mr Cameron will take his last Prime Minister's Questions on Wednesday before offering his resignation to the Queen.

Theresa May will then take office and become leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister later that day.

Speaking after Andrea Leadsom resigned from the leadership contest, Mrs May said she was "honoured and humbled" to have been chosen as the new party leader and pledged that "together we will build a better Britain".

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Tributes and table banging at PM's final cabinet meeting

Theresa May and David Cameron have both exchanged tributes at a traditionally rowdy final cabinet meeting before she replaces him as Prime Minister.

The gathered Conservative ministers delivered four founds of table banging before Mr Cameron began his 215th meeting, at which the government's life chances policy and aim for Trident renewal were discussed.

David Cameron left Downing Street by the back door after his final cabinet meeting as Prime Minister. Credit: PA

Mr Cameron recounted what he believed were his cabinet's achievements since 2010 as coalition leader and upon assuming full power in 2015 and reiterated his friendship and support for Mrs May.

She responded by describing the "warmth and respect" the outgoing PM had shown to his colleagues and praised him for "always" putting the country "first" during the challenges of his administration.

Chancellor George Osborne, who is expected to be replaced in Mrs May's reshuffled cabinet, added his praise for Mr Cameron before the meeting was concluded with another louder round of table banging.

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