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Live updates: Labour turmoil continues

  • Owen Smith has announced he is to stand for the Labour leadership
  • Smith said he was the "radical and credible" leader who could take Labour back into power
  • He is the second MP to enter the race to challenge Jeremy Corbyn after Angela Eagle
  • On Tuesday, Labour chiefs ruled that Corbyn should automatically be placed on the ballot
  • Shadow chancellor John McDonnell was filmed describing Labour "plotters" as "f****** useless"
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Angela Eagle urges supporters to sign up to 'save' party

Angela Eagle has launched a leadership bid to challenge Jeremy Corbyn. Credit: PA

Angela Eagle has urged Labour supporters to "save" the party, and "heal" the country by signing up to remove leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Ms Eagle has pleaded with opponents of Mr Corbyn to pay the increased £25 fee to challenge his leadership.

Speaking to the BBC, she said: "I would say to the nine million Labour voters out there, there's two days next week when you can actually pay £25, help save the Labour Party, make our democracy work and help me heal our country. Join as a registered supporter.

"Join us in this battle, let us win the Labour Party back", she added.

Ms Eagle also said the membership fee was "pretty good investment for the whole future of democracy".

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