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Live updates: Theresa May becomes prime minister

Theresa May has become Prime Minister after accepting an invitation from the Queen to form a new government.

  • David Cameron said it had been the "greatest honour of my life to serve our country as prime minister" as he spoke outside Downing Street
  • Mr Cameron and his family left Downing Street following his speech
  • Mr Cameron has met the Queen and tendered his resignation, which has been accepted
  • Mrs May met the Queen at Buckingham Palace and became prime minister after accepting an invitation to form a new government
  • In a speech in Downing Street, Mrs May promised to create "a country that works for everyone"
  • Mrs May made several key Cabinet appointments on Wednesday, and is expected to make further additions on Thursday
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Clarke hails Cameron's wit and urges him to stay as MP

Ken Clarke has asked David Cameron his final question as prime minister at PMQs.

He paid tribute to David Cameron's "wit and humour" and urged him to remain an "active participant".

Cameron joked that Clarke's first act as chancellor was to fire him as a special adviser.

He said Clarke had demonstrated "great wisdom, thoughtfulness and balance" during his time in the coalition government.

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