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Live updates: Erdogan vows revenge after Turkey coup attempt

Here are the latest developments following Friday's failed coup attempt in Turkey:

  • Turkey has arrested some 6,000 people and suspended nearly 8,000 police officers
  • The country's president has vowed revenge and hinted he could bring back the death penalty
  • John Kerry and Boris Johnson have urged Erdogan to show restraint
  • Turkey has called on the US to extradite Fethullah Gulen who it blames for the plot
  • The Foreign Office has told Britons that the situation is still "volatile"
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Erdogan hints at death penalty for Turkey coup plotters

President Erdogan said he could not ignore calls for the death penalty to be imposed Credit: Reuters

Turkey's president has said there can be no delay in imposing the death penalty against those behind the failed coup attempt.

Speaking to a crowd of supporters who reportedly called for the death penalty, Recep Tayyip Erdogan said: "We cannot ignore this demand."

The president, addressing a crowd outside his home in Istanbul, said the government would discuss the imposition of the death penalty with opposition parties.

Erdogan also called on his supporters to continue protesting the coup attempt in the streets and public squares until Friday, saying the threat against him was not completely eliminated.

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