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MPs approve renewal of Trident nuclear deterrent

MPs have voted in favour of renewing the UK's Trident nuclear deterrent by 472 votes to 117 - a majority of 355.

The result is a strong vote of confidence in the weapons system, renewal of which is predicted to cost £31 billion, with a £10 billion contingency fund also set aside.

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MPs vote on renewing Trident nuclear deterrent

Prime Minister Theresa May said she wasn't going to gamble on Britain's safety, as she opened a commons debate on whether to renew Britain's nuclear deterrent.

The Government is committed to replacing the country's ageing fleet of submarines, a motion which Jeremy Corbyn has been vocally against.

Divisions in the Labour party were once again laid bare, as many of Mr Corbyn's own MPs stood up to disagree with him.

Our Political Correspondent Carl Dinnen reports:

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