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Rio Paralympics faces crisis amid 'major budget cuts'

The Paralympic Games will go ahead next month but faces major budget cuts, the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) has announced just 19 days before the opening ceremony.

Here are the key developments:

  • Rio's organising committee has not raised enough money to fund the Games
  • Delayed travel grants mean 10 countries may struggle to get teams to Rio
  • The Deorodo Olympic Park will be closed and dismantled
  • Cuts will also be made to transport and the workforce
  • IPC President Sir Philip Craven said the Games had 'never faced circumstances like this'
  • Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson said Paralympians are being treated like 'second-class citizens'
  • The British Paralympic Association will take a full team to Rio
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Paralympians 'being treated like second-class citizens'

Paralympians are being treated "like second-class citizens", with major cuts to the Games announced just 19 days before the opening ceremony in Rio, Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson has said.

Around 10 countries' participation in the Games is under threat, amid huge cuts to venues, transport and the workforce.

Speaking to ITV News, the 11-times Paralympic gold medallist said: "It does feel like they're being treated like second-class citizens. I don't think that's what Rio intended because they've got great swimming and athletics teams, lots of media coverage.

"They're a country that get paralympic sport, but I think the pressure of getting the Olympics right has just meant they're robbing Peter to pay Paul and the upshot of that is what we're seeing now."

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