'I'm really happy': Adams' joy as hard work pays off

Nicola Adams has said she feels "fulfilled and really happy" after retaining her women's flyweight boxing title at the Olympic Games.

She told ITV News, she woke up and looked at her medal this morning and thought 'yes, I've done it, double Olympic champion'.

Recalling the moment she won, Adams said: "I was so happy...the last four years of hard work, training, has all been for that moment."

She also described the moment she broke into tears as she stepped on the winner's podium to receive her gold medal.

"I don't normally cry, but I guess it must have just been the relief, and just thinking about all the hard work over the last four years."

Summing up Team GB's immense success at the Games, Adams said: "We did good in 2012, and we've improved in 2016. "

"There was a lot of people that doubted we would be able to achieve that but we've done it and shown we have some of the best athletes in the world," she added.