Highways England 'working hard' to re-open M20 in Kent

Highways England have said they are hoping to re-open the M20 in Kent between junctions three and four at midday after Saturday's bridge collapse.

Dez Leach, operations manager, spoke to ITV News about the current operation to re-open the stretch of motorway.

"We've been working hard all night to sweep up all the debris, to make the bridge safe, so we can re-open the road as soon as possible."

"We're hoping to open the road from midday, obviously safety is our number one priority and we couldn't open the road until it's safe to do so."

Mr Leach added that the situation will be further assessed when the lorry that hit the footbridge is lifted this morning.

"We will be able to look at the road structure beneath and find out if there's any damage to the carriageway. Obviously that would affected the opening time."