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Live updates: The latest on the G20 summit

Theresa May was promised Australian support as the UK adapts to Brexit as she held talks with counterpart Malcolm Turnbull at the G20 summit.

Key developments so far:

  • The Australian prime minister wants a "very strong" free trade agreement with the UK after it leaves the EU
  • Theresa May is holding Hinkley Point talks with the Chinese leader on Monday
  • Japan has issued a stark Brexit warning over the impact on Japanese firms in the UK
  • President Obama has warned US-EU trade will be Washington's priority
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Xi open to trade deal while staying 'patient' over Hinkley

The issue of Hinkley Point was not explicitly mentioned in talks between Theresa May and Xi Jinping. Credit: PA

Chinese president Xi Jinping has hinted he is willing to remain patient over the Hinkley nuclear project as he raised the prospect of a major free trade deal between the UK and China in private talks with Theresa May.

A Number 10 official said Mr Xi understood why the new Prime Minister felt the need to take a fresh look at agreements made by David Cameron's administration, which saw her surprisingly delay the Chinese-backed Hinkley Point plant.

Although the project was not mentioned in the talks after the G20 summit, the official said President Xi "recognised the new Government would need to take some time before reaching decisions on some agreements pushed by the last government".

"President Xi said that they had the patience to wait for a resolution on those issues," the official added. "He said that they wanted to look at how we could strengthen our trading and economic relationship and that China was open to a bilateral trade arrangement with the UK."

Mrs May said she was hoping to visit China next year as President Xi welcomed her commitment to continuing what she described as a "golden era" in relations with Beijing.

Downing Street said the 30-minute meeting was "warm" with Mr Xi even commending the UK on Team GB's second-placed finish above China in the Rio Olympics' medals table.

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