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Arrests after Black Lives Matter protest shuts down London City Airport

Nine people have been arrested after protesters stormed a runway at London City Airport, disrupting all flights in and out of the airport.

Here are the latest developments:

  • Activist group Black Lives Matter UK claimed responsibility for the protest
  • Nine protesters put a tripod up on the runway and locked themselves together
  • Police negotiated with the group until specialist officers arrive to 'unlock' them
  • All nine have now been arrested
  • The airport said it would 'resume operations as soon as possible'
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Queues as people told not to enter London City Airport

ITV News correspondent Nick Wallis has tweeted pictures of the disruption caused at London City Airport on Tuesday morning.

He said passengers have been told "not to enter" the terminal and added "no flights arriving or leaving" after protesters locked themselves together on the runway.

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