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Live reaction: Hinkley nuclear power plant approved by government

The Hinkley C nuclear power station will go ahead following a "new agreement" with EDF, the Government has confirmed.

Here are the major developments:

  • The Government announced the new deal on Thursday morning
  • Energy Minister Greg Clark described it as a "major step forward" and an £18 billion investment in the economy creating 26,000 jobs
  • Chinese company CGN, which is investing in the deal, said it was "very happy" and that it was now "able to move forward and deliver" nuclear capacity at Sizewell and Bradwell
  • Unions and the French government have welcomed the deal
  • But Greenpeace has slammed the decision
  • Labour said the plant was 'vital' for the economy but criticised the Government's negotiations
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EDF boss: Review of Hinkley deal 'sensible and logical'

EDF chief executive Vincent de Rivaz has said he is "delighted" at the government's decision to go ahead with the Hinkley project and said its review of the deal was "sensible and very logical".

De Rivaz said that he was pleased to agree with the government that they intend to maintain the major stake in the project and ensure that 64% of their suppliers are from the UK.

"It's very sensible, it is very logical, we are very comfortable with that and we are very pleased to say yes to the government asking us to make this commitment," he said.

But he added that selling their stake in the project is "not at all on the agenda."

He added that Hinkley is a "good deal" for consumers and that it would kick-start other nuclear deals at Sizewell and Bradwell that will be cheaper.

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