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US and Russia in 'parallel universe' on Syria ceasefire

US Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov have clashed at the UN over the failed Syria ceasefire.

It follows the attack on an aid convoy in Syria which killed 21 people, which the US blamed on Russia but Moscow has denied any involvement in.

Here are the key developments:

  • The attack on Monday night left at least 21 people dead, aid agencies said
  • The aid convoy was delivering aid for 78,000 people at the time of the attack
  • The United States believes two Russian jets carried out the airstrike, something Russia has denied
  • At the UN, Mr Kerry appeared to suggest Mr Lavrov was a 'spoiler' who 'shredded' any hopes of a ceasefire
  • Mr Kerry has also called for no-fly zones to be implemented in Syria
  • Mr Lavrov said a ceasefire would only work if there was a comprehensive approach with simultaneous steps taken by all parties involved
  • The UN has said it will resume humanitarian aid convoys within Syria
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Russia dismisses UN airstrike accusations

Credit: APTN

Russian Foreign Secretary Sergey Lavrov has dismissed claims his country was involved in the killing of 21 UN aid workers in Syria on Monday evening.

Speaking at the UN Security Council meeting on Wednesday, Lavrov said a US 'Predator-type' drone was responsible - adding that one left Incirlik Air Base in Turkey and flew across the same area.

He said any assumption Russia was involved is being used to distract attention away from the US-led coalition bombing of Syrian soldiers.

Lavrov's comments sparked an immediate reaction from UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, who implied Russian involvement.

Johnson told reporters: "Put it this way, when you look at what happened to the aid convoy, there are only two possible culprits - there are only two forces capable of carrying out that strike, flying in that area.

"They are the Syrians and the Russians and we have our doubts over the Syrian capability to fly at night. You're left with a pretty strong conclusion."

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