McDonnell won't apologise for 'stain on humanity' remark

McDonell said: 'Sometimes you need to express honest anger' Credit: Peston on Sunday

John McDonnell has indicated he has no regrets about calling fellow MP Esther McVey a "stain on humanity" and repeating a call to have her lynched ahead of the last election.

The Labour shadow chancellor said "sometimes you need to express honest anger" as he declined to apologise to Conservative McVey as they both appeared on Peston on Sunday.

He said that he was quoting a constituent - but added that his comments were justified by the "appalling" treatment of people with disabilities by the last government.

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"If it reflects your honest views, I think it is better to be honest than it is to be in any way deceptive," McDonnell added.

"People have had enough of spin and triangulation. What they want is politicians who speak the truth."