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At least one dead as train crashes into New Jersey station

One person was killed and 108 injured when a crowded rush-hour commuter train crashed through a barrier at a busy station in New Jersey and lurched across the waiting area.

The train driver - who has not been named - was injured and taken to hospital, but was later released. They said he was cooperating with investigators.

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Hoboken train went 'way too fast' and 'jumped the track'

A shocked man covered in blood pictured at the train station in Hoboken. Credit: Twitter/CoreyFuttDesign

A businessman has described how a commuter train going "way too fast" crashed into the station at Hoboken, New Jersey.

David Potter, 29, was in the station when the train "jumped the track", adding: "The ceiling looked like it was caved in with wires hanging, and people were running.

"An officer led us to the street where they began closing everything off. Ambulances [and] police officers were covering the scene and people were laying down outside hurt."

Mr Potter regularly uses the station for his work commute, said that he saw an "older gentleman" who was "bloody on his face" being sat down and talked to by ambulance personnel and an officer.

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