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At least one dead as train crashes into New Jersey station

One person was killed and 108 injured when a crowded rush-hour commuter train crashed through a barrier at a busy station in New Jersey and lurched across the waiting area.

The train driver - who has not been named - was injured and taken to hospital, but was later released. They said he was cooperating with investigators.

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Investigation launched into cause of Hoboken crash

Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, and governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, at a presser. Credit: Reuters

Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, and governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo have discussed the train crash in Hoboken that left one woman dead and over a hundred injured.

They reiterated that so far there was just one fatality, and 108 people injured, with the injured in varying conditions from those who could walk in to hospitals, to those who had to be taken in by ambulance.

They said that the one fatality was due to debris from the station, and not from the impact of the crash, underlining the importance of assessing and repairing structural damage to the station.

Drawn on why the accident happened, Governor Christie rejected press speculation and said: "We don't know why it happened. The one thing we know is that the train came in at much too high a speed."

The two governors said that an investigation was underway to attempt to find out what happened. Governor Cuomo said: "If there's something to learn then we will be sure to learn it and incorporate that lesson."

While some services like the PATH train service could be resumed by rush hour, they said, they could not say when all services would be fully resumed, only saying that the station would be opened once it was safe.

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