Andrew Mitchell: UK should enforce Syrian no-fly zone

Former International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell. Credit: ITV/Peston on Sunday

Britain should be looking at enforcing a no-fly zone and a no-bombing zone in Syria, Conservative MP Andrew Mitchell has said.

Speaking on ITV's Peston on Sunday, the former international development secretary insisted that while Britain and the US should not necessary be shooting down Russian jets, the government needs to "take a stand".

"We have the ability and the power enforce a no-fly zone and a no-bombing zone - the issue is the political will," Mr Mitchell said. "I believe that the world decided that we would defend innocent people."

He added: "We had a responsibility to protect hammered out at the United Nations, agreed by all the world powers, that we have a duty and responsibility to the 250,000 people today that are left, alive in Aleppo. We have to stand by what we promised."