No crossings in Aleppo as rebels bombard exit points

Green buses waiting to evacuate people from east to western Aleppo amid a humanitarian 'ceasefire' have so far had no passengers, as rebel groups continue to bombard the crossing areas.

Buses are waiting to transport people Credit: ITV News

The Syrian military has opened two exit corridors in designated areas in the Bustan al Qasr quarter and near the Castello road in northern Aleppo, and has repeatedly broadcast reassurances to people they will be "guaranteed" safe passage on one of the green buses.

But ITV News correspondent Dan Rivers said so far, nobody has crossed - and said he had seen rebel mortar fire nearby.

"Buses ready to 'evacuate' civilians from east - so far no one has crossed," he wrote on Twitter.

"A rebel mortar just landed 50ft from us. No injuries thank God."

The Syrian army has assured people they will be able to cross safely Credit: ITV News

Rebels have accused the military of organising the pause in fighting as part of a "psychological campaign" to get them to surrender.

They claim the government wants to empty the area of citizens to make it easier to target rebel fighters.