Paul Nuttall enters Ukip leader race as 'unity' candidate

Paul Nuttall said he would be the 'unity' candidate. Credit: PA

Paul Nuttall has joined the race to be the next Ukip leader.

The North West MEP said he would be the "unity" candidate.

Making the announcement on the BBC's Sunday Politics, he said: "I've made the decision that I'll put my name forward to be the next leader of Ukip.

"I have huge support out there across the country, not only among people at the top of the party in Westminster and with the MPs, but also among the grassroots.

"And I want to stand on the platform of being the unity candidate - Ukip needs to come together. I'm not going to be on here and gild the lily. Ukip at the moment is looking over the edge of a political cliff, it'll either step off or it will step back. And I want to be the candidate that will tell us to come back."