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Children left with 'nowhere to go' after Calais 'Jungle' camp clearance

French authorities has declared the operation to clear the 'Jungle' camp over - but charities have said hundreds of child refugees had been left with nowhere to go.

A total of 5,596 people have been evacuated since the operation began on Monday with many of them being taken away on buses, French ministries said. Of those removed from the camp, 234 children are being resettled in the UK.

Save The Children said it was "extremely concerned" about minors who had not been registered as the site went up in flames.

A spokeswoman for the local prefecture said that the rate of demolition would be scaled up on Thursday with larger machinery moving in.

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Children sleep without shelter after 'Jungle' demolished

Migrants sleeping without shelter after they were evacuated from the 'Jungle' refugee camp. Credit: Care 4 Calais

Refugee charity Care 4 Calais has released images of migrant children sleeping without shelter after an operation to demolish the "Jungle" refugee camp began on Monday.

Migrants are being moved on to reception centres across France. Credit: Care 4 Calais

Some 5,596 people have been evacuated from the camp, and plans are underway to move migrants on to resettlement centres across France.

Fires raged across the camp on Wednesday as French authorities demolished the site.

Children pictured queuing after being evacuated from the 'Jungle' refugee camp. Credit: Care 4 Calais

Charities warned that the fires destroyed safe spaces for children, meaning 40 unaccompanied minors were forced to sleep in a mosque.

Local police subsequently arrested four migrants in connection with starting the fires.

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