Theresa May again refuses to condemn attack on judges

Theresa May has once again refused to criticise newspapers for their stinging attack on three High Court judges who ruled that Parliament - and not the Government - should decide when to invoke Article 50 and leave the European Union.

Last week a number of newspapers criticised the judges behind the decision, including the Daily Mail who said they were "enemies of the people" - leading Mrs May to value the "freedom of the press".

Speaking on a trade visit to India, she once again defended their actions and told ITV News: "We believe in the freedom of the press but we also believe in the independence of the judiciary.

"We have a process in the UK. We have appealed the judgement that came from the High Court and our Supreme Court will decide that.

"People voted on 23 June... to leave the EU. I'm determined [that the Government] will deliver on the vote of the British people."