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Live updates: Trump meets Obama at the White House

US President elect Donald Trump has met with President Barack Obama at the White House following yesterday's election victory.

Mr Trump said he had discussed "a lot of situations, including some difficulties" with the serving President - and said he looked forward to more meetings together.

In other developments:

  • Thousands of protesters across the US have taken to the streets in demonstrations against Republican Donald Trump's victory
  • Theresa May and Donald Trump held their first talks this afternoon.
  • The European Commission President said he hopes Trump will outline his position on key issues such as trade, relations with Nato and climate change "in the next few months".
  • Yesterday Hillary Clinton said Trump must be given a 'chance to lead'
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'Muslims are in fear as US is on brink of Brexit moment'

A Muslim leader has said that young people in the US are in fear as the country is on the brink of a "Brexit moment".

Linda Sarsour, head of Arab American Association of New York, told ITV News' Julie Etchingham that her daughter is at home crying at the prospect of a Trump presidency.

She said: "Muslim kids across the country are in fear. I think the country is on the verge of potentially having a Brexit moment."

I don't know what you tell young people that we're about to potentially put a President of the United States of America who's a racist, anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant, sexist, misogynist.

I mean, this man reflects every bad value that any human being can have and it will be hard to explain to our young people how it even happened in 2016.

– Linda Sarsour

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