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Thomas Mair jailed for 'terrorist' murder of MP Jo Cox

Far right fanatic Thomas Mair has been handed a whole life term for murdering the Labour MP in what prosecutors called an "act of terrorism".

Mrs Cox was stabbed 15 times and shot outside her constituency office in Birstall, West Yorkshire.

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Jo Cox: Blood stains 'billion-to-one' match with accused

This gun is said to have been used to shoot Jo Cox. Credit: West Yorkshire Police

Blood stains found on a knife and gun allegedly used to kill Jo Cox were a "billion-to-one" match to the MP and the man accused of murdering her, a court has heard.

DNA expert Hilary Parkinson told the Old Bailey "blood spots" from the Labour politician found on the gun showed she had been very close to it.

A bloody handprint in the Labour politician's blood was also found on a brown jacket prosecutors claim Thomas Mair, 53, dropped in a nearby street as he left the scene.

His DNA was also found inside it, jurors heard.

Both their DNA was found on other items in the holdall. Mair's was also found on the ammunition in the plastic bag, the court was told.

Ms Parkinson said: "The findings, taken together, are in keeping with Thomas Mair being involved in the incident which led to the death of Jo Cox and the injury to Bernard Carter-Kenny".

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