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Thomas Mair jailed for 'terrorist' murder of MP Jo Cox

Far right fanatic Thomas Mair has been handed a whole life term for murdering the Labour MP in what prosecutors called an "act of terrorism".

Mrs Cox was stabbed 15 times and shot outside her constituency office in Birstall, West Yorkshire.

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Jo Cox's husband says her murder was a 'terrorist' act

The husband of Jo Cox MP said that her killer has committed an act of "terrorism" which had backfired to unite the country in grief.

Brendan Cox said he had seen Britain at its "compassionate, courageous and kind" best in response to the killing carried out by Thomas Mair.

The killing of Jo was a political act, an act of terrorism. But in the history of such acts it was perhaps the most incompetent and self-defeating.

An act driven by hatred which instead has created an outpouring of love.

An act designed to drive communities apart which has instead brought them together.

An act designed to silence a voice which instead has allowed millions of others to hear it.

– Brendan Cox

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