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Thousands flee eastern Aleppo as government forces advance

Thousands of people have begun to flee districts of eastern Aleppo with government forces making significant advances into rebel-held territory.

Rebel defences appear to be rapidly failing with government-backed forces retaking a third of opposition-held Aleppo in recent days.

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The battle of Aleppo intensifies as rebel enclaves fall

Some 10,000 people are thought to have crossed over into government-held areas after Syrian forces made huge advances in east Aleppo.

Syrian state television showed jubilant scenes as people fleeing the frontlines were bussed to districts now under government control.

But many will be fearful of the future under Assad's regime where anything less than full support for the President could be a death sentence.

While many have escaped the rebel-held areas, thousands remain in these heavily bombed districts facing worsening circumstances as fuel and food become increasingly scarce.

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