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Aleppo evacuation operation 'in last stages'

The evacuation of civilians and rebels from eastern Aleppo is in its "last stages," the International Committee of the Red Cross has said.

Around 34,000 people have been evacuated in the week-long rescue operation.

Over 4,000 rebel fighters left between Wednesday and Thursday to rebel-held western rural Aleppo, as per an agreement reached with the government.

Thousands are expected to be evacuated as the rescue operation continues throughout Friday, a Red Cross spokeswoman said.

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People of west Aleppo celebrate as four-year siege ends

Aleppo has been under siege for more than four years. Credit: Jonathan Wald / ITV News

There have been scenes of wild celebration in western Aleppo, as the four-and-a-half year siege of the city comes to an end.

Around 1,000 people - including 26 who were wounded - were evacuated from eastern Aleppo on Thursday and transferred to the west of the city, in an operation the International Committee of the Red Cross expects to double by the end of the day.

ITV News Editor Jonathan Wald, who is in Aleppo, filmed people cheering as the siege ended.

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